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Customers Trust The Integrity of BBB Reviews

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Sometimes the hardest part of building a strong online marketing strategy and positive online reputation is getting that first customer review. When your customers start with the trust of the Better Business Bureau and you request a review, you will be surprised how easy it becomes.

Customers are more than willing to take a minute and offer a review when it is fast and easy to do. Using your free Your Reviews takes all of the work out of it for you. You will be surprised at how quickly your customer reviews accumulate.

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Capture Reviews Through Text

Personalized Text Message

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Mobile Friendly Survey

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Your customer writes their review for your BBB profile.

The Power Of BBB Reviews

Customers trust the integrity of BBB reviews.

Reviews are posted to your BBB Profile page.

Powerful marketing tool to new customers.

Customers trust the integrity of BBB reviews.

Why Are BBB Customer Reviews Different?

BBB customer reviews are built on a foundation of integrity.

Your BBB evaluates every customer review before posting them.

You can challenge the identity of the reviewer before the review is posted.

Your BBB doesn’t post any anonymous reviews.

Every submitted review is sent to the business before posting.

Customer reviews with personally identifiable information don’t get posted.

All provided customer email addresses are validated.

Your BBB can work with both parties to help resolve issues.

Experience how it works!

Now that you see how it works, you can try it yourself even before you activate it.

Send yourself a text.

  • Enter your first name.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Click send.

Send yourself a text.

  • Enter your first name.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Click send.
  • Open the text you just received and click the link. It's that simple.

Open the text you just received and click the link.

It's that simple.

Download the app.

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Frequent questions.

When will my reviews appear on my BBB Profile?

The BBB customer reviews are different from any other reviews you receive. Your customers are sent an email to the address they provide when submitting a review.

You are ALWAYS notified when you receive a customer verified review.

You ALWAYS have the opportunity to respond before a review is posted.

The review is posted only after the submission is verified by you as the business, or the time for response has expired, whichever is earlier.

Be patient. This process can take 3-10 business days.

Can I send this to my customer's email?

Your Reviews app is built to utilize SMS texting when requesting reviews. It does not support any form of email. The app can be downloaded on any mobile device and will then deliver the ability to request customer reviews by simply sending a text message to your customers.

Does my customer need to download the app on their phone?

No. Nothing is required of your customer except to open a text message. The app downloads to your mobile device. This allows you to send customer review requests by text directly from your mobile device.

By ensuring that each review submitted is held to the same high standard that you are as an accredited business, you can be assured that the reviews posted to your BBB Profile fair, honest and reliable.