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Google My Business is a free service that many small business owners use to increase online visibility, and it offers many ways to do just that. From adding an address that customers can navigate to instantly through Google Maps, and one-click calling from the site, Google My Business is a user-friendly tool that can make a big difference in a company’s bottom line. Until recently, however, one of the biggest complaints about the service was an inability for a business to easily reply to reviews.

Steve Wyer, CEO of Nashville’s Third Coast Interactive Inc., says that Google has changed that, and now business owners can see and reply to online reviews directly from the desktop version of Google Maps. Wyer explains how this is an important upgrade for those who manage day-to-day operations.

Google My Business account owners were given the news via a Google support forum earlier this year. During an exchange with the community, Google My Business team member Kara Jancourtz made the announcement. Now, users are not required to log into their Google My Business dashboard or mobile app to respond to customers; they can handle this crucial customer support task directly on their desktop from Google Maps.

Jancourtz mentioned that Google is working toward making additional improvements to the review reply process. She further noted that the option to provide a direct reply gives business owners a chance to manage reviews promptly since they no longer have to launch the Google My Business app or click through and log into the homepage. The Google representative underscored that these new updates give business owners a valuable opportunity to quickly identify areas where the customer experience can be improved. Wyer agrees and stresses that both positive and negative reviews can be helpful to businesses.

New steps

Replying to reviews is easier than ever. A verified business account owner can simply go to Google Maps. Once there, they can search for their business name and click on the review tab. The option to reply is available within each review. Business owners still have the option of logging into Google My Business via desktop and an app is available for iOS and Android users.

Why replies matter

Leaving a reply to a review is a great opportunity for business owners to engage customers. It’s a chance to simply say “thank you” for feedback or to respond to issues that may have been overlooked when the customer was onsite. When responding to a review, Wyer advises that business owners or managers should remain positive, even if it is not flattering feedback. The customer should be assured that their voice has been heard and steps are being taken to prevent future negative interactions. They should also be invited to engage in a direct, private conversation to get their specific issue resolved. 

Online customer reviews continue to be an important factor in people’s decisions to purchase from a specific business. Companies that make a point to respond quickly to feedback of all kinds show that they are listening and are willing to make improvements. Most importantly, this open dialogue tells current and potential customers that their voice matters, which might encourage them to engage in future business with the company even if they had a previous negative experience.

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Steven Wyer

Chief Operating Officer at The Review Solution
Steven Wyer is the Chief Operating Officer of Third Coast Interactive, Inc. and the author of Violated Online. As COO of Third Coast Interactive, Steven Wyer oversees platform development, sales, marketing and internal operations. These responsibilities include global expansion into targeted vertical markets that can best leverage the power of The Review SolutionTM, a service that offers consumers a convenient way to post online reviews for local, regional and national businesses.