If You Want to Stay at Rosebud Motel, You’re up Schitt’s Creek

January 6, 2020 9:45 am Comments Off on If You Want to Stay at Rosebud Motel, You’re up Schitt’s Creek

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It’s time to plan your vacation, and you are looking for affordable accommodation with a free continental breakfast. You come across a simple motel charmingly named Rosebud. The reviews are top-notch, with people calling out the front office staff by name and making note of the exceptional cinnamon rolls offered at check-in.  “Great,” you think, as this place looks affordable. Reviewers mention the spaciousness of the rooms, the comfort of the beds, and point out that Rosebud has won awards for exceptional service.

Oddly, you can’t find the website, telephone number, or an option to make a reservation anywhere online. So what gives? Chances are, you’ve inadvertently run up on some of the many fake reviews for the fictional Rosebud Motel, which was heavily featured on the television show Schitt’s Creek

Dozens of long-time fans recently took to Google Maps to show some love for the nonexistent tenement. The reviews come as a tribute to the show, which begins its sixth and final season in January 2020.

The Rosebud Motel, however, is not the only imaginary business to receive glowing – or growling – reviews. Louie’s Restaurant in the Bronx often gets called out on for its attention to detail and food that’s to die for. Fans of The Godfather will recognize Louie’s as being pivotal to the movie’s storyline. Mos Eisley Cantina in the desert plains of Tatooine has been thrown under the proverbial bus online with people complaining of the vile scum and villainy that frequent the establishment. One “visitor” even lamented that the management is biased against robots but had no problem with Jedi, which are easily recognizable as Star Wars’ midichlorian masters. 

The point is that not everything you read online is accurate. We would like to take this time to remind online searchers to use caution and common sense when reading reviews. While reviews are absolutely a useful tool, failure to dive in a little bit deeper might lead you straight up to Schitt’s Creek without a paddle (or motel) in sight.

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