Aaron Kocourek

Aaron Kocourek serves as Chief Technology Officer for Third Coast Interactive, Inc. (TCI). He is primary responsible for the overall development of mobile based applications including The Review Solution. Kocourek’s other tasks include the oversight of platform integration for all support tools such as CRM, payment processing and Help desk functions, as well as the engineering of the core application.

Aaron Kocourek

Aaron Kocourek also serves as Chief Strategist for online reputation firm Reputation Advocate, Inc. (RA). His extensive background in marketing and ecommerce has made Kocourek a perfect fit for both TCI and Reputation Advocate.


Prior to his tenure at TCI and RA, Aaron Kocourek was the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of SewingStyle.com. In this role, he managed and developed three national Internet businesses. Before their sale in February 2009, these online retail businesses sold tens of thousands products to business and consumers through e-commerce websites.

From 2005 through 2007, Aaron Kocourek served as Director of Internet Marketing for the interactive marketing firm Mach Interactive/GoEcart. MachInteractive assists medium-size businesses in establishing their online presence. There, Kocourek managed several of MachroTech’s sister companies as well as MachInteractive. Aaron Kocourek was responsible for web analytics and email marketing strategies. As part of his regular activities, he led the overhaul of search engine marketing services for clients. After the company’s sale, Aaron Kocourek acted as a consultant for numerous organizations. In the early stages of search engine optimization, he organized campaigns using more than 100,000 keywords.

Aaron Kocourek was also chief executive officer and founder of Dashen Corporation, which expanded into a national company in household cleaning products. At Dashen Corporation, Kocourek spearheaded efforts that resulted in a growth curve of up to 45 percent each year. His focused and intelligent use of customer retention, marketing and analytics proved to be invaluable assets for his fellow team members. In an industry that typically sees a 4 percent conversion rate, Kocourek’s keyword inventory setup resulted in an astounding 85.7 percent conversion rate. The affiliate program that he designed experienced tremendous gains while maintaining an even level of ROI and profit margins.

Since then, Aaron Kocourek has honed a wide-ranging skill set in corporate strategies and search engine marketing, which now translates into consistent success with Third Coast Interactive, Inc. He also shares his insights with a global audience as a respected online reputation management blogger.

Aaron Kocourek is a husband and father of three. Concerned about the prevalence of chemical fertilizers and synthetic substances in today’s food, he has studied organic and non-GMO products and tries to make health-conscious decisions benefiting his family.