Why It Is Difficult to Remove Negative Reviews

September 22, 2014 8:34 pm Leave your thoughts

Customers seeking out information on your business demand easy access first and foremost. As a way to create a dialogue with your audience, it's imperative to generate a significant number of online reviews. In the past, a person's reputation was based on his or her actions. Today's generation is judged largely by how their past customers speak about them online. Although our company, The Review SolutionTM, has experience in removing negative reviews, it is extremely difficult to do so. Unless the content actually violates the Terms of Service, a site will not remove bad reviews. And so, even if we assist your business in removing negative reviews, you will still need a proactive strategy for generating positive reviews in the future. By waiting until another negative review appears ? or the original poster of the negative review reposts the negative complaint in a compliant manner ? you run the risk of developing a poor online reputation. Read more...

Reviews Lead To Shoplifting

January 20, 2014 4:30 pm Leave your thoughts

The Denver Post recently published a story about a Denver-area Walmart that has all the markings of a shoplifter-friendly store.

In one week of 2013 at the Walmart in Stapleton, Colorado, a pair of men walked out of the store with a paintball gun, while another attempted to steal pillows and a futon. Finally, a fourth shoplifter was by a cop after absconding with nearly 100 items in his shopping cart.

This Walmart has reported 283 shoplifting occurrences in 2013, 179 more than Denver's second-place finisher, a downtown Rite-Aid. Denver police officers have resorted to parking squad cars around the building in hopes of warding off thieves. However, this tactic has yet to yield positive result. Read more...