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Audits, Alerts, Reports and Peace of Mind

Have you ever had a customer mention a review that they had seen, and you had no clue what they were talking about?

Most business owners don’t have time to evaluate online analytics, learn how to use a dashboard, pull reports and figure out where their reviews are. They just want accurate information fast and in an easy-to-understand format. That’s where The Monitoring Solution comes in.

Your business has many review sites

Our service provides you with alerts every time a new review is identified. The Monitoring Solution will even alert you when your business has a new review on sites specific to your type of business. Contractors, restaurants, car dealerships, cafes, legal and medical reviews, we cover them all. You can get started immediately tracking your reviews. Every time we detect a new review we contact you so you don’t have to wonder.

Audit all of your locations with a single tool

Multiple locations are no problem. The Monitoring Solution is specifically built to track dozens of locations, know which review is for which location and deliver alerts to the people that need to know. You get a single monthly report that allows you to audit all of your locations easily.

As sophisticated as you need it:

Does your internal marketing staff need access to a sophisticated dashboard, analytics and detailed reports? No problem. Our enterprise-level tools can help you evaluate your online reviews any way you need to. Our support team is always here to back you up.

You know what you need and we deliver it. We deliver Audits, Alerts, Reports and peace of mind.

That’s the power of The Monitoring Solution.

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