Downloadable mobile app via Apple App Store or Google Play Store
Reviews captured at the point of service
Surveys & emails respond to sentiment of customer's star rating
Real-time Notifications to business when a review is submitted
All reviews posted to BBB.org pending reviewer & business verification email
Facilitates posting positive reviews onto 3rd-party review sites (Yelp, Google +, etc.)
Choose the 3rd-party review sites that are presented in emails to happy reviewers
Real-time emails help happy reviewers post their reviews on 3rd-party review sites
Google+ is the only review site presented to reviewers with Gmail addresses
If reviewers identify themselves as Yelp reviewers, Yelp is presenteded in email
Follow-up emails remind happy reviewers to post their reviews on 3rd-party review sites
All positive reviews collected are posted onto ReviewStar.com
Can gather reviews while offline; emails & notifications send when reconnected
Detailed backend dashboard
App can be used on multiple mobile devices
Ability to collect/monitor reviews for indiviuals in your business (a.k.a. "users")
Posts your reviews on Facebook
Posts your reviews on Twitter

Review summary graph
Real-time review feed
Email & survey customization
Access to account information
Admin & user-level access
Review site selection & prioritization
Customization at user level
Easy password reset
Support & FAQs section

Can upload business logo onto app interface
Survey customization
Customizable emails to reviewers
Can add pages to the survey
Set positive rating threshold

SMS notifications (up to three recipients)
Email notifications (up to five recipients)
Can choose which employees receive notifications
Account & user-level reports
CSV/Excel exports

Different emails to positive & negative reviewers
Two follow-up emails to positive reviewers
Client's review site listings included in email
Customizable link in email to reviewers
Ability to verify review using the Better Business Burreau® review verification process

Dedicated Account Manager
Setup with Account Manager
Review sites consultation
Ongoing review site strategy
Live chat & support