Molly Morgan Black

Molly Morgan Black is the mobile application Platform Manager for Third Coast Interactive, Inc. (TCI), assisting the firm in all efforts related to the company’s flagship SaaS-based app service The Review Solution. Molly Morgan Black maintains the accuracy and consistency of data over the entire service life cycle of The Review Situation, and is a senior contributor in the design, implementation and usage of the service. She acts as the liaison between the engineering, development and testing phases.26c37fd

At TCI, Molly Morgan Black evaluates application performance on multiple iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices. Black also oversees client support services including implementation and training for clients and staff while managing beta upgrades and testing projects.

Additionally, Molly Morgan Black acts as a digital editor, writer and blogger who holds extensive experience in project and brand management. Her deep understanding of two different worlds ? analog and digital ? has been a tremendous strength during the nascent stages of the company.


After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Writing from Columbia University, Molly Morgan Black accepted a position as the production manager and writer at the major New York City publishing firm, Vantage Press. There, she oversaw the creation and publication of more than 150 titles.

As the industry slowly evolved from print to the Internet, Molly Morgan Black demonstrated a keen awareness of online marketing in the company’s e-book department. She assisted in the development of the online presence of several writers by carefully managing platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Amazon. As well, she provided structural and editorial suggestions to authors, copyedited manuscripts and wrote cover copy.

In September 2012, Molly Morgan Black relocated to Nashville and assumed the role of editor and project manager at leading advertising firm BOHAN. In this role, she worked directly with a Fortune 500 company to fulfill their advertising needs. Working in collaboration with a group of graphic designers, Molly Morgan Black upheld brand and quality standards while creating client presentations of design proposals for some of the firm’s largest projects.

When the working day is done, Molly Morgan Black retreats to the homestead she shares with her husband and their dog Pablo in Primm Springs. The couple enjoys hiking, backpacking and embracing the outdoors. Molly Morgan Black is in the process of collecting a troupe of animals, currently learning the art of raising chickens.