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Powered by your Better Business Bureau®

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Unlimited reviews, collected at the point of service, for free!

Using a mobile device, collect real reviews
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Reviews get posted to your
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Accumulating reviews
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What do I need?

  • Wireless internet connection or a data plan on your device
  • Apple or Android-based tablet or smartphone.
    • WE RECOMMEND: iPads, Samsung 10.1 Note, Samsung 8.0 Note, Lenovo S6000

How much does it cost?

  • Nothing! The Review Solution® Powered by your Better Business Bureau® is free!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Customer Reviews change my BBB® Rating?
A: No. BBB®'s Ratings algorithm does NOT include customer reviews.

Q: Can I use any tablet with The Review Solution®?
A: We recommend using an iPad, iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy Note, or Lenovo S6000; however, the app is compatible with most Apple and Android tablets. The app is not compatible with any tablets using the Windows 8 operating system or any traditional e-readers such as the Kindle, Kindle Fire, or Nook.

Q: Can I use my smartphone instead of a tablet?
A: Yes, the app works on most Apple and Android smartphones. However, the survey renders better on a tablet, making it easier for your customers to use.

Q: How many tablets can we have in our office?
A: The Review Solution® powered by the Better Business Bureau® allows for one device at a time.

Q: What happens to reviews collected during a disruption to my Internet connection or cell signal?
A: You’re in luck! The Review Solution® will store all collected reviews and hold them until you are reconnected to the Internet. Follow-up emails that ask reviewers to verify the validity of their review will also resume sending at that time.

Q: How long will it take my customers to complete a review?
A: Customers can complete the app-based survey in less than a minute. The length of the written review is the only variable that could cause the survey to take longer.

Q: How can I ensure we do not receive negative reviews?
A: Any customer has the right to post a negative review on your Better Business Bureau® profile. However, you will be made aware that you have received a negative review via email and you will have 3 days to add a response. You will also have the opportunity to verify the validity of the interaction.