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Online Reviews - The Review Solution - Real Customers. Real Reviews. Real Easy.

100% of your positive reviews published online.

What people are saying about The Review Solution.

Your advertising dollars could be going to waste.

When you spend time and money on advertising, one of your primary goals is to attract new customers. When your advertising is effective, potential customers will remember your name and consider using your services.

But where do these potential customers go next?

Are you aware of what they see after typing your business name into that bar? If not, take a look for yourself.

You're probably going to see your website, review sites such as Yelp and Google+, and your Facebook or Twitter.

The average consumer reads between 2 and 6 reviews before forming an opinion about a business. Your potential customers are no different. Even if they look at your website and social media, the content on those review sites could be the deciding factor. Do you have reviews? Are they positive? Are they recent?

Would you choose your business based on those reviews?

If you have difficulty saying yes to any of these questions, then your advertising dollars are doing you no good. Let The Review Solution put those advertising dollars to work. Never let reviews be the reason you lose another potential customer.

Why we're
Review Solution.

With our mobile app and browser-based survey you can:

  • Collect reviews from your customers at the point of service
  • Collect reviews remotely from your customers via email
  • Tap into your database of satisfied but silent customers to gather reviews

A negative review could save your business.

Before The Review Solution

When customers have negative experiences and feel compelled to voice their complaint, the easiest place for them to go is to an online review site such as Yelp or Google+.

What does this mean for your business?

  • You didn't have the opportunity to remedy the situation while it was happening, costing you the customer
  • You've lost potential customers who read the review
  • With no easy way to have the review taken down, the review will continue to cost you business

After The Review Solution

When customers are presented with The Review Solution at the point of service, they have the opportunity to voice a complaint privately instead of publicly.

What does this mean for your business?

  • You can save the relationship before the unhappy customer walks out the door
  • One customer's negative experience won't cost you potential business now or in the future
  • With The Review Solution, negative reviews only serve to help you, not hurt you

Employees can
get reviewed, also.

How it works

  • Reviewers can select the name of the employee who helped them
  • Get notified whenever an employee is reviewed
  • Improve overall employee performance and build accountability
  • Downloadable reports specific to each employee
  • If members of your team have review site listings (common examples are doctors, dentists, and realtors), reviews can be posted online for both the business and for these individuals

The Nitty-Gritty.


  • Dedicated account manager
  • Facilitates the posting of reviews onto all major review sites as well as vertical-specific review sites
  • Reviews posted to Facebook and Twitter
  • 100% of positive reviews posted to Review Star
  • Real-time notifications of submitted reviews via text message or email
  • Monitor employees' reviews
  • Gather reviews while offline
  • Comprehensive backend dashboard with review summary and feed
  • Extensive customization
  • Enterprise-level solutions available


  • Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • The Review Solution is compatible with Apple and Android devices
  • Recommended devices: iPad 2 or later, iPad Mini, Samsung Note 8.0, Samsung Note 10.1, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Google Nexus 7, Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8, Lenovo S6000, Apple iPhone 5 or later Google Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • The Review Solution is not compatible with: First Generation iPad, Asus Transformer Pad, LG G Pad 8.3, Windows 8, Kindle, Kindle Fire, Nook and other e-readers
  • Wireless Internet or cellular connection required to process collected reviews. Reviews collected while offline will process after device is reconnected

We're here for you.

  • No learning curve! No experience with technology is required to use The Review Solution.
  • Your dedicated account manager will:
    • Assist you through setup, implementation, and employee training
    • Craft a review site strategy that best fits your business's goals
    • Provide ongoing consultation and guidance
    • Send monthly progress reports and semi-annual before and present results
  • Live chat available during normal business hours
  • Training and knowledge tools available

Give us a call at: 888-649-6140
or send us an email by filling out the form below.


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